Highest Paying Jobs With Associates Degree

Highest Paying Jobs With Associates Degree

Generally, there is a direct correlation between higher professional degree and higher salary, though, it may not be true always. The findings of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are lots of highest paying jobs with associates degree. So if you think that a four year bachelor degree course is not fit to your time and budget, you can think about undergoing a two year associate degree program. Here is an analysis of a few highest paying jobs with Associate Degree. However, you must have some technical training and skills to get these highest paying jobs.

Some of Such Jobs are:

* Computer specialists
* Radiation therapists
* Nuclear Medicine technologists
* Dental hygienists
* Registered nurses

Computer Specialists

A computer specialist is responsible for performing various types of functions as per the employer. Employers prefer to hire computer specialists with an associate degree in computer related field. As a computer specialist, you need to do the installation and minor repairs to software, hardware, and peripheral equipment. Maintain records of daily data, installation activities, problems and remedial measures taken, communication transactions, etc. A computer specialist with an accredited associate degree can expect around $77,600 per year.

Radiation Therapists

Administer radiation therapy as per the directions of physician is the major responsibility of a radiation therapist. They must also have high communication skills and must follow radiation safety protocol very strictly. An experienced radiation therapist can earn around $74,200 per year.

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

If you are interested in computer technology and health care science, you can select nuclear medicine technology as your career. Nuclear medicine combines medicine, computer technology, mathematics, physics, and chemistry for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. As a nuclear medicine technologist, you must prepare and administer the compounds of radioactive chemicals or radiopharmaceuticals. You must also need to provide patient information, data analysis, and images to physicians for diagnostic interpretations. Image enhancement and computer processing, perform patient imaging procedures, etc are the other responsibilities of a nuclear medicine technologist. The expected annual salary is around $67,900.

Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienist is responsible for providing preventive treatment for dental health problems. Educate patients, promote dental health, screen patients for dentists, take and develop radiographs, remove plaque and calculus from teeth, counsel patients regarding oral health, handle dental office management, promote oral hygiene, etc are the other responsibilities of a dental assistant. They can work in hospitals, nursing homes, health departments, dental schools, etc. The expected annual salary of a dental hygienist with an associate degree is around $67,400.

Registered Nurses

Nurses are responsible for providing daily care to the admitted patients. So they need to administer medicines, set IVs, give shots, update patient records, provide emotional support, etc. The duties of a nurse are physically demanding. They need to walk, lift patients, and help them to stretch and bending. There may be chances of getting exposure to chemicals, radiation, and infectious diseases. As a registered nurse, you can earn around $63,800 per year.

Some of the other highest paying jobs with associates degree are diagnostic medical sonographer (Annual salary $63,000), engineering technicians ($57,500), Radiologist technicians ($53,200), Occupational therapist technicians ($50,300), etc.

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